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Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Best in class panchakarma treatments !!


Ayurveda Detox

The environment we are living in  with fast food & stressful life, we invariably end up our life for short span. This is due to changes in lifestyle that allows various diseases. To prevent these lifestyle diseases Ayurveda always propagated about preventive aspects of diseases with the help of classical panchakarma.

Ayurveda classics provided with multidimensional actions such as removing toxins from the body, helps in treating various disease conditions, better improvements in metabolism, nourishes the body and if taken in a proper way regularly, it helps to increase individual lifespan.

Women Health Care

The world of today can be quite stressful for women, and their needs must be addressed with consideration. Our women’s health care program focuses on the specific challenges of women, especially hormonal changes, weight gain, menstruation issues, sexual and reproductive system health, hair, skin, bone and joint care, and stress management. Our team of experts, comprising doctors, yoga trainers, dieticians, and therapists, create treatments based on personality type, heredity, hormones, social and medical causes for conditions, for the physical and emotional well-being of women.


De-Stress Program

Our signature program to help you destress is conducted in a precise and scientific manner to give you the best care. Our experts in the field will assess your condition based on factors such as biochemical imbalances, hormone levels, genetic predispositions, personality types, social factors, use of drugs & other substances, and other medical causes to find the cause of your stress. A complete stress analysis before and after the treatment will also be done.


Rejuvenation Program

Shwas Hospital offers a unique rejuvenation program tailored to your body constitution. This program focuses on the restoring complete health of the body and mind and can be modified to suit one’s age, body condition as well as season.